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Cool stuff for your pets

It’s one stop shopping for all the pets and pet lovers who enhance your life!
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Pet Apparel

Explore our large selection of unique pet apparel - We strive to find durable, unique, high quality, stylish and safe clothes for your pet!
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Handmade collars

We pride ourselves in having the largest selection of collars, harnesses and leads for dogs and cats. We can fit the tiniest to the largest of breeds! You’ll find collars of decorated leather, fabric, jeweled, ultra suede and even waterproof!
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Cozy beds

​​​​​​​We carry a large selection of beautiful beds that your pets will snooze soundly in as well as compliment any room in your house. All beds are made in the U.S.A. and Canada.  Fabric swatches are available for you to order a dog a bed that will compliment every room of your house!
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Fun toys

We strive to find durable, unique, high quality, stylish and most important of all, toys that will entertain and delight your pets.  Squeakers, talking and tough toys for the doggies as well as feathers, catnip and crinkly balls for the kitties.
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Healthy Treats

​​​​​​​We offer a large selection of the tastiest treats with all natural, fresh human grade ingredients and all made in the U.S.A. We have a variety of wheat free and corn free treats for dogs with food allergies. You'll also find treats for birthday celebrations and all holidays.
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Handcrafted Bowls

You’ll find great bowls, raised diners and placemats for your pet’s dining pleasure.
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Gifts for people

Along with finding the best stuff for your four legged friends, you’ll also be able to find great cool, fun AND usable stuff for yourself and your four legged friends.